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Volume 30, Issue 3

July - September

  1. Review Article

  2. Empowering Women Dentists in Pakistan: Changing the Landscape of Oral Health Sector

    Article 0109
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  3. Training Pathways in Endodontics - Operative Dentistry or Conservative Dentistry Across the Globe and a Discourse on its Training in Pakistan

    Article 0110
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  4. Comparison of Visuospatial Skill Development Between Preclinical and Clinical Undergraduate Students Using Dentinal Pin Placement Exercise

    Article 0111
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  5. Infection Control Measures in Pakistani Dental Practices During COVID-19 Outbreak

    Article 0112
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  6. Daily Impacts of Missing Teeth in Adult Population in Lahore, Pakistan

    Article 0113
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  7. Association of Oral Health Literacy Level and Periodontal Health Status: A Contributory Step Towards Prevention of Periodontal Diseases

    Article 0114
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  8. Burnout and Sense of Coherence in Dentistry Students of Karachi

    Article 0115
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