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Volume 31, Issue 3

July - September

  1. Review Article

  2. Determination of the Frequency of Various Anatomical Forms of the Hard Palate for Complete Denture Fabrication

    Article 0069
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  3. Efficacy of Calcium Hydroxide and Mineral Trioxide Aggregate in the Formation of Dentin Bridge - A Randomized Controlled Trial

    Article 0070
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  4. Oral and Systemic Manifestations of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus; Exploring the Association

    Article 0071
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  5. A Comparative Study on Anxiety Towards COVID-19 Among Dental Postgraduate Trainees of Different Specialties in Karachi, Pakistan

    Article 0072
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  6. Working in Collaborative Practice: Conflict Management Styles in Dental Professionals

    Article 0073
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  7. Influence of Education, Demographic Variables and Duration of Denture Use on Patients’ Satisfaction with Complete Dentures

    Article 0074
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  8. Factors Affecting Awareness of Infection Control Measures among Dental Practitioners of Karachi

    Article 0075
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  9. Interventions for the treatment of Radiotherapy Induced Trismus: A Systematic Review of the Literature

    Article 0076
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  10. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Dental Surgeons about Dental Waste Management in Dental Clinics of Karachi

    Article 0077
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